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Getting Started MDA Walkthrough & User Guide

Setting up a New Account

The first time that MDA is ran after installation you will be shown a screen where you can choose either a 'New Account' or an 'Existing Account'

Only choose 'Existing Account' if you have previously installed MDA on a device and you have created a MDA export file that you can now import.

Selecting the 'New Account' option will show you a message about our Terms and Conditions, after accepting these you will be taken through to the first of two set up screens. The first screen wants you to input data about yourself, First Name, Last Name ,Date of Birth, Your E-mail address and most importantly your six digit passcode. The six digit passcode will only be numbers so try to make it memorable without compromising security, we would not recommend using your Date of Birth. After all fields have been filled in you can select 'Next', if for any reason the data has not been filled in correctly an error message will be displayed.

If all went well you will now be on the second setup screen, the information on this screen relates to your Nominated Person. Once filled in you can hit 'Save'. Several things happen here, firstly the information you have entered will be submitted to our database, an account number will be generated, both you and your nominated person will recieve an email confirming the account setup.

It is worth mentioning that the six digit passcode is not given to your Nominated Person by MDA, for security it is your responsability to give it to them. As the internet is needed for these processes to take place, please make sure that you have internet access during Account setup or editing to avoid error messages. During normal use as your sensitive data is only ever stored on your device no interent connection is needed.

After the account has been created you will be taken to the 'Passcode' screen, where you input the six digit code that you just created and select 'Submit'.