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Group Data Details Data Detail Management

Adding Data Details

Once you have created a list of groups you will want to add data to each one, select the group you wish to add data too by clicking that name on the list you will then be on the 'Data Detail' screen the data for the chosen group will be shown here.

There is one line for each data detail, the detail data type is shown in Uppercase, this is then followed by the actual date detail e.g.

PASSWORD : somepassword123

This makes looking for the data much easier.

If you have not added any data to a group yet you will only see the 'Click To Add' line. Whether it is the first data that you are entering or you have already got some data entries adding data is the same just select the 'Click To Add' line and you will be taken to the 'Edit Data Details' screen.

You can now either use a predefined data type from the dropdown list or type in one of your own, this means you are not restricted in any way so MDA can hold more than just usernames and passwords, how about a code for a combination lock on a bike or work brief case, car insurance details, passport number even details about things after you are no longer here like what song you want at your funeral, the list is endless and it is down to you to fully utilise MDA's versatility.

Deleting Data Details

A Long-Click on the data detail item you wish to remove will bring up an option dialog. You will have the choice to 'Delete' or 'Edit' the chosen data. you can select 'Cancel' if you want and you will be returned to the 'Data Detail' screen.

Selecting 'Edit' at this point will take you into the 'Edit Data Detail' screen. Selecting 'Delete' will force one more confirmation dialog, if yes is selected the chosen item will be deleted.

By design you cannot delete the 'Click To Add' line.

Editing Data Details

There are two ways to enter the 'Edit Data Details' screen the first way is mentioned above by long clicking the item, the other way is just by a normal click on the item you wish to edit.

Once you are on the 'Edit Data Detail' screen you can amend any of the data that you have previously entered. Selecting 'Save Data' will as before save the data and return you to the 'Data Detail' screen.

It is worth a mention that when you save an item a confirmation dialog will be displayed to confirm that you wish to overwrite the data. If you change the data type to a type that has not been used for that group then MDA will create a new entry and the original entry will still exist. If you change the data type to one that does already exist then if you accept the confirmation then the detail on the one you selected would not have been changed but the entry that you confirmed will be overwritten