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About Groups All about Data Groups

Adding A Group

The 'Add Group' option is only available through the menu, which depending on your device will either be on the top left of the action bar or it will be accessed by selecting the menu button on your device. Once selected you will be taken to the 'New Group Name' screen, there is not a lot too this screen. Input the name that you want for your group, spaces are allowed as well as numbers and odd characters so 'Gy34)*@' is acceptable if not user friendly to view.

Group names are however case sensitive so that 'Gmail' is not the same as 'gmail'. If you do however type in a name that already exists when you select 'Save Name' you will be given a message informing you and be taken back to the 'Group List' screen so that you can then see your groups, you can then obviously select 'Add Group' from the menu and add another new group name.

Once you are happy with your new group name then select 'Save Name' you will be taken back to the 'Group List' screen so that you can then see your groups.

Deleting A Group

To delete a group you must long-click the desired group name you will then see a confirmation message asking if you want to delete the group. Selecting no at this stage will take you back to the 'Group List', selecting yes will delete the group and naturally all of the data details that you have entered for it.

After deleting a group you will once again be at the 'Group List' screen.

Editing A Group Name

There is no real way to edit a group name, all you need to do is to start a new group with the name you require and then start adding data details to the new group and then delete the group that you no longer require.

Please note that you cannot copy data from one group to another.