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Afterlife Recovery Taking Care of Business

Your Responsibilities

The main concept behind MDA is not to be a password manager, although it does this very well and very securely as your sensitive data is only ever stored on your device. The concept of MDA is however to make your sensitive data available to those who may need it after your demise or incapacitation.

Even if you lost your device it is quite simple now to have it wiped remotely, Google certainly has an option for this and you may need to set this up in the first place as an added security feature for all the data on your device. If someone gets hold of your device unless they know the six digit passcode they will not gain access to your sensitive data within MDA.

Because of the above just like a bank pin number you should only ever share your six digit code with your nominated person and never with anybody else. If you feel that your passcode has been compromised then you should change it immediately and inform your nominated person of the change.

Recovery By Nominee

In the unfortunate event of your demise or incapacitation all your nominated person need do is enter the six digit passcode that you have passed onto them beforehand and then they will have full access to your data. You could even give them an export file and they could retrieve the data using their own device following the import account steps. This would entail regular exporting to make sure they have the most current file.

How easy is that, for peace of mind MDA certainly makes it simple for your data to be accessible after your demise.

Passcode Requests

There is a tragic possibility that both you and your nominee could have passed away or both be incapacitated, or after your demise your nominated person may have lost or forgotten your six digit passcode.

In this eventuality your nominated person should follow the instructions on our Request Passcode page. You can rest in peace that we will not issue your passcode to anybody unless irrefutable proof of your incapacitation or demise is sent to us and verified. This is where part of the cost of the App is used to cover the administration and time involved.

MDA will not entertain requests for loss of codes or forgotten codes so please do not ask, after all we are protecting you and those you care about.